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Is your SEO under performing? Do you need a strategy to deliver results?

Why Does My Website Need Search Engine Optimisation?

Improved Rankings

Working with an expert SEO agency will have a continued positive improvement on your websites search engine results position (SERP) rankings.

Increase in Traffic & Visitors

It’s a fact, the higher your website ranks on the major search engines the more traffic your website will receive. 33% of search traffic click on the number one organic search result, compared to 0.8% for position 12.

Increase in Sales & Enquiries

More website traffic = more enquiries and also sales. SEO provides targeted traffic that converts into more enquiries or sales for your business. SEO traffic converts at a higher percentage than almost all other marketing channels.

Success Stories

Lets create an organic SEO strategy that works.

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What Makes Us Different

Bespoke Campaigns

Our SEO plans are bespoke to each company we work with. The marketplace, competition & many other factors effect the plan we devise.

Ranking Improvements

We guarantee continued and sustained ranking improvements across the whole time you work with us.

Fully Tracked and Monitored

All our SEO work is fully tracked and monitored so both we and you can see the results our efforts are producing.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is key to any successful SEO campaign. Our knowledge of SEO and our creative edge will be on the frontline.....

Mastered Google’s Algorithm

As we have mastered Google’s algorithm our SEO work doesn’t only produce an initial rankings boost, it produces long lasting results.

Influencer Marketing

Something so simple but yet so effective, using your industry’s influencers to get your content the exposure it deserves.

Frequently Asked SEO Questions

Q. How much will it cost?

A: Here at SEO Geeks we make sure each SEO campaign is bespoke to each business we work with and for this reason there is no fixed price. Therefore the packages we offer will vary in price to meet the requirements of your business.

Q: How long will it take to reach No.1?

A: This question really depends on your business and the market you operate in. If your business operates in a crowded market then reaching No.1 may take a little more time than if you operate in a market that is fairly small. This is why we create bespoke SEO marketing strategies specific to your business.

Q: What even is SEO?

A: In a nutshell SEO is simply improving your presence on Google so that you appear higher on its results pages. In order for this to occur we optimize your site so that it gains authority and relevance. We use the latest SEO techniques to give your business the best chance of reaching No.1 on Google.

Q: What is PPC / Paid search?

A: PPC or paid search stands for pay-per-click, this is essentially a way for your business to pay for adverts on Google. This is different to SEO as with paid search you pay for every single time your advert is placed on Google, as soon as you stop paying your advert disappears which can become expensive fairly quickly. With SEO you appear in the Google search results without paying all the time and you will get good levels of traffic for a smaller investment.

Q: Why should I outsource my SEO?

A: SEO is a full time job, which takes a lot of time and resources. Not only this it also requires a dedicated team with a range of skills covering web development, content creation to marketing. For this reason we highly recommend outsourcing your SEO.

Q: Why do we need keywords?

One of the first tasks we do when planning your strategy is look at your keywords, which basically means what search terms and phrases do you wish to rank for? For instance you may want to appear when someone searches for “clothing store Derby”. These keywords can then be used throughout your search engine optimisation campaign.

Working with SEO Geeks WILL increase your website traffic, WILL increase your sales and WILL help your business achieve its goals. Don’t put off till tomorrow something you can do today.

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