The Ultimate Guide For SEO And The Music Industry


The Ultimate Guide For SEO And The Music Industry

SEO And The Music Industry, why are they so Important?

So you’ve got the talent, you’ve got the website and all thats missing now is the TRAFFIC. This is where SEO and The Music Industry enters the conversation. Search engine optimisation is fundamental when growing your online presence and even more so when there is a high level of competition. In the Music Industry owning your website and ranking high for your chosen keywords can be a pain. This is mainly due to the hundreds of online directories which burden the first page of Google. Its no hidden secret that good SEO takes time and effort. However when carried out thoroughly the benefits such as more traffic, more enquiries and greater band exposure are 100% worth it. So if you really want to become an established band in the eyes of Google, its probably best you go get yourself your very own website read our top SEO tips and create one hell of a Rock ‘N’ Roll SEO plan.



SEO Tips – Blogging


Overtaking directories like mentioned before can be difficult. But here at SEO Geeks we have devised a few tips and tricks to really help you progress on Google’s search results. For example “keeping your blog section up to date with the latest news and content from your business”. Due to being in the Music Industry I am sure your band has experienced a lot of fun gigs and interesting performances. If so why not write about them? Sharing your experiences with existing fans or potential customers will provide a great insight into the band. Not only this it will also keep your blog fresh and up to date, this is a massive PLUS for Google.

User experience


Optimising the experience for both the user and Google is something which we also feel is very important. Just like a user would enjoy the experience, Google would to and if the experience of the website is poor then Google would simply avoid it. In order to prevent this it would be a good idea to check if there are any issues (broken links) on the site. On top of this making sure the site speed is quick is crucial. Large images or unnecessary scripts may be at fault so checking from time to time may help you keep your site optimised.

Mobile Optimisation


It wouldn’t be 2017 if we didn’t mention mobile optimisation. Take it from us that possessing a mobile friendly website is essential in the eyes of Google. Without a mobile optimised site it is likely that your website won’t even get a look in. In order to achieve a mobile friendly site you will have to make sure that your site is designed for touch. This is because users won’t be using pin point mouse cursers to navigate your site. Instead they will be using there fingers which I’m sure you don’t need telling come in all shapes and sizes.


Video Usage


After looking on a vast amount of cover band’s websites there was one common element…a video! It is simply fact that including a video on your website increases engagement  and encourages people to stay on your site. The music industry is perfect for a video – simply record yourself practicing or performing and upload it onto your site. I spent hours watching cover bands on different websites and I found the best place to include it was in fact in the home page.


Long-Tail Keywords


Ranking for long tail keywords such as ‘Birmingham bands for hire’ is a great way to maintain a consistent Google ranking as well as high levels of traffic. It is proven that approximatley  40% of Google searches consist of four or more words. This is a great opportunity for your band to provide the answer to your customers search query.


Social Media


You may have one of the most optimised and well designed sites on the internet but without social media where do you expect to interact with your customers? Possessing numerous active social media platforms should be a fundamental part of your SEO plan. Even though social media channels don’t provide your backlink profile with an all important do follow link they do instead carry value, even more so when the social media channel is active.


Competition and Backlinks


One of the easiest and most useful ways of gaining  backlinks is through competitor analysis. This simply refers to the process of going through your competitors backlink profile and finding sites that they link to. You shouldn’t just go after every backlink however, its best to choose the top backlinks with a DR rating over 50. This will essentially maintain a high domain rating and better your own backlink profile.


Pay-Per-Click (PPC)


If you have the budget and the resources then why not spend some money on a PPC campaign for your band. Although your SEO (organic traffic) should be the main channel of traffic PPC is a great way to get you started. Gradually over time your PPC spend should eventually decrease as your organic traffic will become more predominant on Google result pages.


As a whole utilising these key points throughout your SEO plan should give you a great chance of featuring on the first page of Google result pages (for your bands keywords search terms).  In order to put these points into perspective lets take a look at some of the local bands who are leading the way when it comes to SEO.


House of Chords


SEO And The Music Industry


In order to put some of our tips into context we have gathered a few bands which appear closest to the number one spot on Google for their keywords. Here we have a Birmingham based band called “House of Chords” who are a function band who perform all around the west midlands.

Band Name: House of Chords

Location: Birmingham

Keyword: “Birmingham bands for hire”


Google Ranking: 4 (Excluding Music Agencies)


What they do well: House of chords possess a fresh looking website which is a joy to navigate. In addition to this, the site speed is very quick as all the videos and images have been fully optimised for the site. It is also worth mentioning that they have featured a blog on their site which will help for keeping the site up to date.


Stanley Park Band




Band Name: Stanley Park Band

Location: West Midlands

Keyword: “Wedding cover bands”


Google Ranking: 4 (Excluding Music Agencies)


What they do well: Stanley Park’s website is a website which is very easy to navigate. It has a simple navigation bar which features on every page. The website has also been optimised for mobile devices as the information on each page flows smoothly.


 Whats next for the Music Industry and SEO?


As more and more bands begin to understand the benefits of operating higher on Google (idependentley). It is likely that we will see an increase in bands ditching the directory approach, and alternatively operating their own website. In turn this may potentially make the market even more competitive online where bands with greater SEO have a chance of becoming much more successful. So OUR advice to YOU is get a head start on the competition, get a visually exciting website together and come speak and speak to us about your SEO.

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