SEO Trends Of The Future

SEO Trends of the Future

SEO Trends Of The Future

SEO Trends Of The Future

Keeping One Open

SEO is a mystical beast that lurks ever-present in the background of the search engines. Many people may claim to have sighted it, but its exact nature remains shrouded in uncertainty. Hopefully our beginner’s guide has given you a better understanding of the basics, but this industry moves so fast that it can be hard to keep up at times. To maintain a strong online presence, it’s vital to maintain one eye on the latest trends and the other on Google’s algorithms. Thankfully, the SEO Geeks are here to shed some light on SEO trends to watch out for over the coming year – and beyond!


Mobile-first SEO

 One of the key trends to take note of going into 2017 is mobile optimisation, both of websites and applications. It’s hardly surprising; with approximately 2 billion mobile users worldwide, we’re seeing a shift to the mobile-first era.

Nowadays, consumers are far more likely to search for a product on their smartphones, before either continuing their experience on a desktop or buying directly from their devices.

And how do they gather this information on their mobiles? Via search engines, of course! Nearly half of users choose platforms like Google to conduct their research, making SEO an essential part of the digital marketing mix.

As Google’s algorithms place a growing emphasis on mobile-friendly websites, focusing on user experience is going to decide who masters this SEO trend in 2017


Content is still king

 Following closely behind mobile optimisation is content, a marketing strategy that shows no signs of wearing thin as we look ahead to the New Year. Google has become smarter at identifying relevant, quality content, and catching agenda-driven articles red-handed in their efforts to sneak up the SEO chain.

In order to optimise your site successfully, you need to be providing the information and answers that your demographic is looking for. Keywords are still a great way to flag up the focus of your article, but they need to be backed up by a good volume of unique, well-constructed words.



Influencer marketing

 Influencers know the pay-off of producing quality, relevant content all too well; it’s exactly how they gained their coveted status. As their reputation is built on large, engaged audiences, they can be harnessed by switched-on brands desiring to communicate with their demographic easily, at minimal cost.

Driving traffic to your website from Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and other authoritative sites and apps, influencer marketing is an up-and-coming SEO trend that’s only going to get bigger in 2017.

As we gaze into the SEO crystal ball for the year ahead, these are just three of the top trends that are falling onto our geeks’ radar. From optimising your website to growing your audience, it’s clear that the many-armed beast of search engine optimisation is going to require a robust strategy for the foreseeable future. That’s exactly why we get so passionate about it!

Want to start firming up a foolproof SEO plan for 2017? Say hello to our team.

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