What is SEO and how can SEO Geeks help?

What is SEO and how can SEO Geeks help?

What is SEO?


Instead of reading a long article about “What is SEO?”and how we can help, why not watch our explainer video:

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An even quicker summary of the video:

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  1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) means ranking higher on Google (Bing, Yahoo & other search engines)
  2. SEO Geeks work on SEO all day every day we do not offer any other service – Laser Focussed
  3. SEO works on organic results – organic results are below the adverts on the Google search results page
  4. Ads cost every time someone clicks your advert – organic results you do not pay for any clicks
  5. 80% of all search traffic ignore the adds and head for the organic listings
  6. 33% of all search traffic click on the 1st organic search result
  7. 61% of all search traffic clicks on one of the top 3 organic search results
  8. 92% of all search traffic never go past page 1 on Google
  9. SEO Geeks have packages for small, medium & large clients
  10. SEO results start to show between months 3-6 of a campaign
  11. SEO Geeks has a proven successful track record & customer testimonials to back this up


In 2017 (actually a lot earlier than this) every company should be working on their websites SEO.  Google is the new shopping centre, a search term is a street in that centre and number 1 organic result on Google is the best shop front on that street.  As the search market matures and becomes more and more competitive your chances of getting a great storefront on a popular street in a busy shopping centre will only reduce further and further.  If you haven’t started your SEO strategy then you should start today by calling 0333 800 1985.or send us an email with any questions you have about SEO to Hello@SEO-Geeks.co.uk


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